Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pundit Roundup of President Obama's State of the Union (2010): Laura Ingraham, Rachel Maddow and Rush Limbaugh

Read Obama's first State of the Union address 2010
Transcript of Obama's State of the Union speech
Our Constitution declares that from time to time, the president shall give to Congress information about the state of our union. For 220 years, our leaders have fulfilled this duty. They have done so during periods of prosperity and tranquility. And they have done so in the midst of war and depression; at moments of great strife and great struggle.
The Republican response to Obama's State of the Union speech by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell
Transcript: GOP Response to State of the Union
Good evening. I'm Bob McDonnell. Eleven days ago, I was honored to be sworn in as the 71st governor of Virginia...

I'm joined by fellow Virginians to share a Republican perspective on how to best address the challenges facing our nation today.

We were encouraged to hear President Obama speak this evening about the need to create jobs. All Americans should have the opportunity to find and keep meaningful work, and the dignity that comes with it.

Many -- many of us here tonight -- and many of you watching -- have family or friends who have lost their jobs. In fact, 1 in 10 Americans is unemployed. That is unacceptable.
Read and listen to the Pundit response to President Obama's State of the Union

Laura Ingraham's State of the Union response
Laura's 'State of the Union' Address - January 27, 2010
LAURA INGRAHAM: The State of our Union is imperiled because we knowingly went down the path OF Obamanomics, Obama's approach to foreign policy and basically an absentee approach to the culture - where life is dispensable, Hollywood is coddled and its party time USA every Wednesday night at the White House. The State of our Union is imperiled.
- Listen to Laura Ingraham's State of the Union speech

VIDEO: Rachel Maddow's State of the Union response
Rachel Maddow- Building on the State of the Union
RACHEL MADDOW: The list of pecific proposals the President made tonight. A lot of them are very conservative ideas. Ideas that have been auditioned politically in recent years by Republican politicians. Things like off-shore drilling, capital gains cuts, business tax cuts, the spending freeze, so-called "clean coal". Terminology that makes me just want to cringe. Singling out earmarks...
VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh's State of the Union response
My Letter to President Obama
RUSH LIMBAUGH: I penned a message to Obama that I would like to deliver now. Because Mr. Obama, I think it's time we had a heart to heart talk. Let me be the father that you never had or never really knew, because I think you need some guidance. It's time to man up. It's time to grow up. That speech last night was an embarrassment. You couldn't focus, you lashed out in all directions, you refused to accept responsibility for your own actions, and you were angry.

And he was, folks! He was mad. Being president is a big job. It's a big responsibility. You wanted the position, Barack. You campaigned for it...

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