Monday, January 11, 2010

'Live Audio Wrestling' nominates APF Pundit Dennis Miller as the worst Guest Raw GM'

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Guest Raw GM Dennis Miller alongside WWE Chairman Vince McMahon
Friend of show John Pollock recently nominated Dennis Miller as his worst Guest Raw GM for Live Audio Wrestling's "Worst of the Year" show.

For us at the APF it was a memorable moment simply because whilst many wrestlers have appeared on Pundit Programming, this was the first time a pundit had appeared on a Wrestling show.

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Live Audio Wrestling "The Worst of 2009" - Jan 10, 2010
JOHN POLLOCK: I went with Dennis Miller because going into this I knew there was gonna be problems with it. Dennis Miller is someone at least who is a very good live performer and I have a number of his DVDs and stuff like that. This was a 'RAW' that just completely fell apart and I've never seen an edition of WWE where they've completely acknowledged that this was falling apart. You had [WWE Chairman] Vince come out and literally say "Some hosts are just better than others" while staring at Miller.

His opening monologue was just terrible. You could hear crickets. He comes out "Well we're in hour 18 of tonight's extravaganza". It was just to me a terrible show. The 3 hours dragged. And Dennis Miller - huge thumbs down.
Watch an example of Dennis Miller's "not-so-Award-winning" segments from his guest spot on WWE's Raw.

VIDEO: WWE RAW December 14, 2009 - Dennis Miller Raw Experience

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