Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scott Brown - The new Barack Obama and Sarah Palin

It looks like I may have to update this Palin/Obama comparison graphic to include new political sensation, Republican Scott Brown.

scott brown, sarah palin, barack obama basketball
The parallel between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin
The Daily Show has had the best coverage highlighting the similarities Brown has to Palin and Obama - Charismatic, photogenic, relatively inexperienced young faces brought in on a platform of change, perceived as celebrities moreso than politicians.

And the capper...? Brown also played basketball earning his own nickname just like 'Barry O'Bomber' and Sarah 'Barracuda'
How Well Do You Know Scott Brown?
*His old nickname back home in Wrentham, Massachusetts is "Downtown" Scotty Brown, referring to his famed jump shot from his days as a star hoopster at Wakefield High School.

*Speaking of hoops, when President Obama called to congratulate him on his victory, Brown challengedhim to a game of 2 on 2 hoops. Brown said his team mate would be his daughter Ayla, a star basketball player at Boston College.
This Daily Show clip is particularly clever in alluding to the NBC late night talk show war between Conan and Leno in referencing Obama and Brown - January 20, 2010: Indecision 2010 - The Re-Changening.

VIDEO: Fox News Covers Scott Brown's Victory (January 20, 2010)
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