Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin offer to co-host SNL

VIDEO: Beck and Palin offer to Guest Host 'Saturday Night Live'

NBC institution 'Saturday Night Live' reemerged to relevancy in 2008 with their lampooning of that year's Presidential Election circus. A key target at that time was Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, astutely played by Tina Fey. Fey's portrayal infiltrated the wider culture so effectively that Palin's image was hijacked and became unfairly informed by her caricature.

Glenn Beck recently hosted Sarah Palin on his program. In his conversation with Palin, Beck challenged Saturday Night Live to invite Palin and himself as Feature Guests for the comedy show. Beck, an avid comedy nerd and born entertainer would be an able fit for the program and we here at the APF are certain that Beck would likely consider it a career highlight.
Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Offer to Co-host Saturday Night Live
BECK: ...It is so weird to see yourself on "Saturday Night," isn't it?
PALIN: It is weird.
BECK: It's just bizarre. Sarah and I would like to make an offer to NBC. Would you like to make the offer?
PALIN: I think that we should co-host. How could they say no?
BECK: They will.
PALIN: I bet they won't.
BECK: Want to make a bet?
BECK: They think they can make fun of us? I can make fun of me better, yes.
PALIN: They have no idea some of the things. Yes.
BECK: So, yes.
BECK: So we'll, NBC, there you go. It will be a very highly rated show I'm guessing. We'll make fun of us and give you guys the time off, where you don't have to make fun of us and we'll co-host the show.
PALIN: That would be a delight. I would do it. And if they're daring enough, they will say, yes.
Read the complete transcript from Conservative blog, Newsbusters.

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