Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hulk Hogan brings change to 'TNA Total Nonstop Action' Wrestling

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Wrestling meets Politics 2010 edition. Any casual wrestling fan will know that 2010 has started with a bang with the surreal and improbable return of Bret Hart to WWE and the game changing arrival of wrestling icon Hulk Hogan to TNA.

TNA have aptly appropriated the Obama 'Change' posters for Hogan's campaign to reinvigorate the #2 wrestling brand 'TNA Total Nonstop Action Wrestling'. Its a clever use of the Obama iconography considering the abundance of parodies that have flooded the culture.

Incidentally the APF has done some appropriating of its own, but of Hulkamania's own iconic branding. The infamous 'Huckamania' Mike Huckabee Wallpapers.

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