Friday, January 22, 2010

Jon Stewart mocks Keith Olbermann with his own "Special Comment"

VIDEO: Special Comment - Keith Olbermann's Name-Calling
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Jon Stewart once mocked Glenn Beck by parroting the manic conservative pundit's patented monologue. Stewart recently did the same for Keith Olbermann, mimicking his brand of self righteous speech. This isn't the first time Stewart has chided Olberman.
Transcript via InOtherNews
"For years, sir, your outrage was warranted - based in fact, saturated in reason; marinated in malice, but tenderized with the cleaver of careful consideration, once wielded so masterfully by the demigods of discourse whose very chair you sit (in): Murrow, Cronkite... You fought your fight, and you fought it furiously and forthrightly. But is it a fight, if ill-foughten folly? Ferhaps. How far, sir, how far will you fall once you’ve toiled in the fields of the factual, equal parts punditry and profundity, with prodigious prose? It was as powerful as it was purple.

But now, this! Now, this, sir! This, sir! This, sir! And, no, sir, this TelePrompter is not stuck! I am doing something called repetition for dramatic emphasis, sir - you invented it. I like it. But now, you’re just calling people names.

To whit, you said this of Joseph Isadore Lieberman, Democrat, Connecticut: "A senatorial prostitute"; of Roger Ailes, "fat ass"; Chris Wallace, "a monkey posing as a newscaster"; Rush Limbaugh, "a big bag of mashed-up jackass." (All right - I’ll give you that one.) And of Michelle Malkin, you said "A mindless, morally bankrupt, knee-jerk, fascistic mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it," end quote. That, my fine-feathered friend, sounds a lot more like violence against women than anything Scott Brown ever said.

You can’t resort to childish attacks that are as hominem as they are nauseum. You’ve ceded the high ground and now you wallow in the fetid swamp of baseless name-calling, and as you know, sir, that’s my thing… A man of your intellect need not be me - petty, pompous, pusillanimous - or poopyhead."
Impersonations have their home in comedy sketch shows like SNL and are a staple in punditry, these theatrics are also found in politics as Hillary showed last year mocking Candidate Obama. Not to be outdone wrestlers are also fond of using impersonations to get the psychological edge over their opponents.

VIDEO: Booker T mocked and impersonated by The Rock and Big Show

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