Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bill Maher on the Rachel Maddow Show

We don't often get the chance to celebrate the up and coming pundits here at the APF as we usually focus on the bigger and more outspoken names.

Rachel Maddow who has quietly risen in the ranks of the APF debuted her show a few weeks ago on MSNBC.

I encourage you to check out the videos from MSNBC's official site.

Rachel Maddow in a discussion with the always interesting Bill Maher. Whilst Bill came of a little too condescending and sloppy for his message to work, Rachel did some polishing by offering a more persuasive take on Bill's argument.

'The Rachel Maddow Show' for Wednesday, September 17
MAHER: ...And, you know, I keep going back to this cynical point of view I have and people jump down my throat.

But the underlying problem we have in this country is that the people are too stupid to be governed. They are - they are too dumb to get it. So how do you explain complex situations like terrorism, like the environment? You don`t. The public is like - it`s like a dog. It can only understand inflection. It can`t understand any sort of rational argument.

...So I don`t trust them to make the right decisions.

MADDOW: Well, the dynamic has been, not necessarily, I guess, maverick versus complex smart idea, but rather weak versus dumb. And the American people, I think, have said, "You know what? We understand the Democratic case that the Republican guy is dumb, but we don`t mind dumb so much as we hate weak." And that Republicans haven`t argued that they are smart. They`ve just argued that Democrats are weak, effete, foreign eggheads, intellectuals, somebody you couldn`t trust in a fight. And they`ve almost made being smart a liability in an election.
Watch another Bill Maher conversation where he makes a more compelling case against Sarah Palin

Expect some laughs on her show as well, and not off the snide variety that Keith Olbermann does so well. She has enlisted the help of Kent Jones to provide some comic relief. You may have heard the funnyman on the late Marc Maron show and Rachel's own radio program.

Rachel on the women's vote

Kent Jones on Obama Clones - The Brazilian Barack Obama


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Kent is not on the Stephanie Miller show. That would be Jim Ward.

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