Thursday, September 25, 2008

GO Joe! The Joe Biden Wallpaper

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"Go Joe" Wallpaper
After being overshadowed by Sarah Palin in the wallpaper stakes, I proudly bring you the first solo Joe Biden Wallpaper. The second if you include the VP wallpaper I made earlier.

The best description I've heard of Joe Biden's role in this campaign is from Amy Walter speaking on PBS Newshour. As usual no talk of Biden can begin without first mentioning Sarah Palin:
Obama, McCain React to Wall Street's Turmoil (Sept 15)
JUDY WOODRUFF: And speaking of other things, Amy, how is the Obama campaign now handling the Governor Palin choice?

AMY WALTER: By trying not to talk about it, the Governor Palin choice, and letting other people do that. Even Joe Biden today -- this was the new Joe Biden that we're apparently going to see on the trail that the Obama campaign introduced us to last week, saying, you know, he's going to go out there and define this race, define John McCain...

And so I think, you know, for Biden, it's fascinating what I'm seeing right now, which is -- remember, he was introduced, first, as the guy who was, yes, part of Washington, could give Barack Obama the heft on foreign policy issues.

Then, during the convention, we were introduced to him as the local boy from Scranton who's going to go out and get those blue-collar voters.

Now he's the insider again, and he's the insider saying, "Look, I've been in Washington long enough to know this guy is no maverick." So that's -- he's taking on whatever -- he's like a shape-shifter. He's taking on any role that the campaign wants him to play, which is, quite frankly, what your vice presidential candidate should be doing for you.

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