Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bill O'Reilly VS Barack Obama: Lightning rounds

As Bill often does before showing his interviews, he reflects on the interview conducted and discussion surrounding it. I agree with much of Bill's assessment of Barrack:
...As we all know, Barack Obama is very glib. He could do 30 minutes on your shoelaces. And since I only had 30 minutes with him, I had to move the conversation along. Thus, the lively intrusions, as I like to put it...

Senator Obama and his staff were respectful to us, very professional, and I enjoyed the chat. The senator said he also found it worthy. But there's no doubt that our conversation was different than any other he has done.

Read the full transcript of Bill's Talking Points (Sept 9, 2008)
Behind the scenes with Barack Obama

Barack didn't seem like he was taken out of his comfort level, although it's rare that to see him as animated as he needed to be for this interview. Many have critiqued him for his stammering and his lack off poise off-prompter. His "uhm and ahs" used to mask his cautiousness or unformed thoughts. In basketball, often weaker teams will compensate by "slowing the ball down" to control the rhythm. In an uptempo pace, Barack Obama handled himself well.

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