Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential Debate 1: Barack Obama and John McCain "square off"

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University of Mississippi Presidential Debate '08:
Barack Obama VS John McCain
One down, two to go. The first debate traditionally focuses on foreign policy and national security but on this occasion featured the unfolding crisis and intervention in Wall St which has a large impact on the former.

I've collected a few post-debate analysis from APF pundits. They are primarily opinions from the right at this moment as there are more conservative bloggers who provide instant feedback. More scorecards will arrive soon but there is definitely no shortage of them. I've heard the debate described as a Rorschach test, after skimming through the wide range of opinions I would have to agree.

Michelle Malkin gives it to McCain with some qualifiers
Who won?
I’m giving it to McCain — and you know I’m a tough grader on him...
McCain made no major soundbite-able gaffes. It was more a matter of a few missed opportunities for McCain than the commission of any major errors...

Hugh Hewitt gives a comprehensive scorecard with a "Strong advantage" to McCain.
Read Hugh's Debate Scorecard and debate summary of a "Strong McCain win".

- Watch Presidential clips from C-SPAN
- Go to host 'Ole Miss' official debate site

VIDEO: Watch the 'Mississippi Presidential Debate' below

Read Barack Obama on the issues
Read John McCain on the issues

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