Thursday, September 4, 2008

PunditFight presents: The Sarah Palin Wallpaper

sarah palin, wallpaper, conservative, mccain Since Sarah Palin was thrust into the national spotlight as John McCain's running mate, she has sucked up all the air in political discussion. Providing vitality and renewed enthusiasm for conservatives and considered a game changer for this coming Presidential Election.

Depending on the side of Radio you listen to, politicians and candidates are either viewed as Heels (villains) or Faces (heroes). Whilst Sarah Palin is no different, the divide between the pundits and talkers is better divided into those who underestimate and those who overestimate her. Her proponents see in her the possibility of an "American Margaret Thatcher", her detractors see "Dan Quayle in a skirt".

I present to you the APF's first Sarah Palin Wallpaper.
Forgive the similarities to my Pennsylvania PPV poster and the Huckamania Posters.

Exit Question: Has consensus been reached on what the Sarah Palin movement and her supporters will be called? (Remember we're still viewing it through the prism of wrestling).
"Palinmania" was lifted from HotAir, but Mike Huckabee has already taken first dibs on the "mania" suffix.

For supporters - how about Palin-ites, Palin-oholics, Palin-iacs, Palin-Pals, Team Palin? Maybe we can take Hugh Hewitt's cue and derive something from her Christian name, 'The Sarah brigade', Sarah-olics. For detractors - The Palin-drones?
For the movement - PalinMania, Palin-a-palooza, Sar-Attack!

I've gone cross-eyed. Once the tagline is settled, I'll make a new wallpaper.

Download the Sarah Palin wallpaper (1024 x 768)
Download the Sarah Palin wallpaper (800 x 600)

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