Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Latest Sarah Palin Wallpaper: Tina Fey and John McCain

sarah palin, wallpaper, tina fey, john mccainsarah palin, wallpapers, changeIntroducing the fourth Sarah Palin Wallpaper this time with a twist. Technically speaking it doesn't feature Sarah Palin, in place we have John McCain and Tina Fey taking centrestage.

The wallpaper incorporates the 3 biggest stories of the past few days:
1) Sarah Palin
2) Tina Fey
3) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Depending on the day, they shift in relevance in the minds of the media and voters. I've combined them into an aesthetic soup here but they're otherwise unrelated.

On the subject of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, below are some resources to learn more about the issues facing Wall St and where the Presidential candidates stand:
1) Read where the candidates stand from PBS
- Obama, McCain React to Wall Street's Turmoil
- Listen to Advisers from each campaign outlining how their candidate plans to better regulate U.S. financial markets
- Read John McCain's speech addressing Wall St and his Economic plan
- Read Barack Obama's speech addressing Wall St and his Economic plan
- Learn about the Wall St Crisis from a street level courtesy of 'This American Life'
- PBS Newshour describes the risky precedent of 'Moral Hazard'

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