Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dean Barnett interview coming soon

I recently had the fortune of interviewing APF pundit Dean Barnett, occasional fill-in host for Hugh Hewitt and staff writer for the Weekly Standard. We talked about partisanship, his experience running for office and the two McCains (Republican Primary McCain and General Election McCain).

Longtime readers might know that Dean was the first pundit to give this site national exposure. Dean like his stablemate Hugh Hewitt are big fans of wrestling and have been very supportive of the site. Last year Dean welcomed his colleague from the Weekly Standard, Jonathan V. Last to talk wrestling and politics for an entire segment.

Our discussion had an interesting dynamic as Dean understands wrestling and has clearly read the blog. Whilst I asked vague questions you'll hear an astute Dean shoehorning wrestling references in his response. Flattering but you'll have to be the judge on whether that's a good thing or not.
Transcript and audio coming soon.

While you wait, I present the APF's first triple-outfit pundit. Toggle through the costumes using the buttons on the left wall. This new variant has Dean as the first APF pundit with a sculpted physique. As you'll see the others don't match up nearly as well.

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