Monday, September 29, 2008

New Obama and McCain wallpapers

Who likes existential political wallpapers?!
I'm a sucker for puns, this is a two-fer as it's also visual.

5 wallpapers two choose from. All the wallpapers take on different meanings depending on where you stand (almost a dozen from my count), only fitting as I've heard a lot Rorschach applied in politics lately. In that spirit I won't explain what the different interpretations could be but i'd like to hear yours. Pass it on!

obama, mccain, wallpaper, left, right Download Obama - "What's left?"
Download McCain - "What's left?"
Download Obama - "What's Right?"
Download McCain - "What's Right?"


The beauty of the internet age is we can access voices from all types of niches. Want to know what graphic designers think of the typefaces used to brand the Presidential campaign? Here you go
- McCain's font (Optima): McCain’s Optimum Look
- Obama's font (Gotham): Obama finds a reliable type to deliver message
If you're looking for a graphic designer who knows politics and (bonus) wrestling... *ahem* clears throat.

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