Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bill Maher calls out President Obama, says he is overexposed. Roseanne Barr calls out Obama, says he is just like former President Bush

It seems everyday I feature new wrestling-style political promos, with Jim Cornette's rant, the Ed Schultz/ Hugh Hewitt feud, the Joe Scarborough/ Jon Stewart feud. In recent days ideologically friendly personalities, Roseanne Barr and APF pundit Bill Maher have cut promos on President Obama.

Bill Maher cut his promo on his 'New Rules' segment, delivering essentially the same message he made in an LA-Time op ed excoriating the media for overexposing Obama and playing up his celebrity. President Obama is more softly criticised for being complicit.

VIDEO: Bill Maher 'New Rules' - Obama, All Style No Substance (June 12, 2009)
Enough with the Obamathon
I'm still a fan, but there's a fine line between being transparent and being overexposed. Every time you turn on the TV, there's Obama. He's getting a puppy! He's eating a cheeseburger with Joe Biden! He's taking the wife to Broadway and Paris -- this is the best season of "The Bachelor" yet!...

I mean, selling the personal part to stay popular, I'm all for it, but you got us already. We like you, we really like you! You're skinny and in a hurry and in love with a nice lady. But so's Lindsay Lohan. And like Lohan, we see your name in the paper a lot, but we're kind of wondering when you're actually going to do something.

And let's stop worrying so much about doing anything that might tarnish the brand. See, this is why I don't want my president to be a TV star: Because TV stars are too worried about being popular -- and too concerned with getting renewed.
Jon Stewart and Rush Limbaugh have expressed the same, Limbaugh calling Obama "Pop Culture Celebrity-in-chief". Jon Stewart mocked the media's presentation of the Obama White House - "Brian Williams and a few dozen cameramen travel to the White House for a two-hour, two-day MTV-style reality show".

Speaking of Celebrity, Roseanne Barr is the latest Hollywood personality to admonish President Obama. This isn't unique in and of itself as there have been many celebrities outspoken against Obama from Chuck Norris to Jon Voight, Roseanne however is one of the first to attack Obama from the Left flank. Comedian Roseanne became a household name for her ground breaking sitcom but has recently dabbled in politics with hosting stints on Air America. Speaking to friend, APF pundit Stephanie Miller she unloads on President Obama much to Stephanie's surprise

VIDEO: Libtalker Roseanne Barr Slams Obama!
Courtesy of RadioEqualizer
STEPHANIE MILLER: How are you liking the new Obama Presidency?
ROSEANNE BARR: I don't at all. I just don’t at all. If you want to know what I think, go to read my blog, And I don’t at all...
MILLER: What were you hoping for?
BARR: I was hoping for you know some change. Remember the reason why the guy got voted in? I was hoping for some change and for it to start there in the Middle East because that's why everything in the world is screwed up including our economy...
MILLER: But yeah. He's (Obama) clearly taking a lot stronger line with Israel than previous administrations.
BARR: No he isn't! He hasn't demanded one. He uses strong rhetoric. He talks harsh and carries the smallest stick in the world. He doesn't do anything. He hasn't even you know, don't get me started...

Come on, everybody's on the Kool Aid. I just, you know. Let's not even go into it then. Just go to my blog and read what Noam Chomsky said about it...
MILLER: You're cranky this morning, but I still love you.

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