Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mike Huckabee, stand-up comedian ('The Full Ginsburg' presents)

mike huckabee, full ginsburg, comedy If you were surprised that conservative personality Glenn Beck also moonlighted as a touring comedian then you might be shocked to find former Republican Presidential contender Mike Huckabee is an aspiring comedian also. Mike performed a show to an intimate crowd in New York presented by comedy troupe 'The Full Ginsburg', titled "I heart Huckabee"

I've highlighted numerous times the special appeal of Mike Huckabee. Mike seems to be going down the same path as John McCain, very personable men who are natural entertainers in apolitical settings. Unfortunately for Mike, that recipe doesn't always yield political success as McCain has shown. Mike's appearance on a small stand-up show is better likened to Beck's foray into comedy in that it shows an earnest interest in entertaining as opposed to a cynical ploy to get more votes or dollars.

VIDEO: Huckabee on being VP, Tina Turner, Spike Lee, Michael Phelps and taking out the trash

More info via Comic's Comic
Mike Huckabee cracks jokes, live from Ochi's Lounge
Here is some footage of Mike Huckabee, telling jokes and answering questions at the live comedy show put on by The Full Ginsburg on Saturday, June 13, 2009, at Ochi's Lounge, the basement space of Comix in New York City. You'll learn: When people speculated that Huckabee might be the GOP's Vice Presidential pick last summer, he was still taking out his own garbage; that Huckabee had one of The Full Ginsburg's cast members on his FOX News program

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