Thursday, June 4, 2009

New York Times reviews Glenn Beck's 'Common Sense' stage tour and simulcast

As posted previously Glenn Beck has embarked on his annual Comedy Stage show, this year dubbed 'Common Sense Tour'. Glenn Beck recently performed at the Midland Theater in Kansas City where it was simulcasted to 440 theatres around America.

New York Times reviewer Mike Hale provides his assessment.
Glenn Beck, Simulcasting Discontent
One of Mr. Beck’s favorite rhetorical tactics is a combination of misdirection and guilt by association: he doesn’t say nasty things about ethnic minorities or homosexuals, but he will slip in a reference to how all our cars will soon be built by undocumented workers, and he will, in a long, lame anecdote about "liberal" artists and the Metropolitan Museum, switch into a high, lisping voice for just a second. Mr. Beck’s appeals to racial solidarity are delivered in the same winking way: speaking of the "grand, magnificent" founding fathers, he leans toward his visibly homogeneous Midwestern audience and says "and we’ve lost touch with how much like us they were."
Glenn on Twitter commented of the NY Times review
@glennbeck You MUST see the NY Times review. I just got into Houston and getting ready for bed when it came in. WOW. At least he went in open. HA!
Find a comprehensive blog of the tour, updated with pictures and videos on Glenn's official site - Common Sense Comedy Tour Blog

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