Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Actor Jon Voight speaks at the 'Republican Senate-House Fundraising Dinner'

VIDEO: Bringing an end to this False Prophet Obama! Jon Voight

I've discussed previously the role Hollywood and Celebrities play in American Politics. For the most part Celebrities speaking out on politics are marginalised by their detractors, the right in particular have made a concerted effort in painting Hollywood as liberally biased. Though its worth noting arguably the two most recognisable Republican politicians past and present are Hollywood Republicans, California Governor Arnold Swarchenegger and idolised former President Ronald Reagan. You'll also remember the Republicans fielded actor Fred Thompson in the 2008 election.

Most recently young bombshell actor Megan Fox got into strife for her disparaging comments towards "Middle America". Her co-star in the upcoming blockbuster 'Transformers', Actor Jon Voight shores up the opposite flank by eviscerating President Obama.

Actor Jon Voight cuts a vicious promo on President Obama which HotAir.com described "Meat so red the cow’s still twitching."

Voight affirms my contention that Politics can learn a lot from Hollywood in this swipe at president Obama
JON VOIGHT: Obama as a candidate portrayed himself as a moderate. but turned out to be wildly radical, the way he played his deception is interesting but his campaign was meticulously thought through, well organised and their techniques of out reach to gather support and funds through the internet were innovative and their Hollywood savvy and use of media was masterful.

All their strategies should be carefully looked to see if we might mimic them in a positive way, legal way.
I've argued that Hollywood techniques in Politics is not new, with Bush administration having employed such tactics during their time - George W Bush and Obama: Flight suits and making a Hollywood President (part 1 of 3)

Some choice lines include:
JON VOIGHT: We are becoming a weak nation. Obama really things that he is a soft spoken Julius Ceasar, he thinks he is going to conquer the world with his soft spoken sweet talk and really thinks that he is going to bring all the enemies of the world into a little playground where they'll swing each other back and forth. We and we alone are the right frame of mind to free this nation of this Obama oppression
A guaranteed crowd pleaser, Voight gives a shoutout to the conservatives who matter most, the pundits
JON VOIGHT: And let's give thanks to all the great people like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, William Bennett, Glenn Beck, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Dennis Miller, Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, John Kasich, Michael Steele, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, Thomas Sowell, Victor Davis Hanson, Shelby Steele, Charles Krauthammer, Michelle Malkin, Fred Barnes and so many others lets give thanks to them for not giving up and staying the course to bring an end to this False Prophet Obama
It's a savvy move, the comprehensive laundry list will appeal to the respective fan bases of these influential talkers (the only notable ommission not surprisingly is Michael Savage). On top of that it makes it highly likely Voight's speech will get favorable play on their own programs.

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