Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Child prodigy edition of the 'Pundit Pit' - Jonathan Krohn takes on challengers

Fox and Friends proudly presents a pint-sized edition of the 'Pundit Pit'.

It's a triple threat match with child prodigies
- 11 year old, published author Adora Svitak
- 14 year old conservative columnist Jonathan Krohn
- 11 year old College Graduate With 4.0 GPA Moshe Kai Cavalin

VIDEO: Prodigy Pundit Pit
STEVE DOOCY: You know we talk to grown ups all the time on this show about issues that affect kids, so today we decided to go straight to the source. It's our special child prodigy edition of the 'Pundit Pit'...
This segment featuring highly developed kids, particularly Jonathan Krohn who has clearly been influenced by Right Wing talkers has been parodied in comedy sketches like "The Lil O'Reilly Factor".

With that said mimicry is nothing new for kids who are developing their craft. It is not unlike young athletes being influenced by their favourite players like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. What makes it slightly cringeworthy and ripe for ridicule is when the mimicry is simply hollow aping without any real world understanding or earned wisdom which only comes with age.

Rather than the comparison of a young basketball player imitating the moves of Michael Jordan. I would liken the "kids as pundits" segment (particularly Jonathan Krohn's performance) to Backyard wrestling; undeveloped youngsters, attention seeking and a little hollow but with a conviction that still might lead to a career in the big leagues.

VIDEO: Back Yard Wrestling 20/20 ABC

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