Monday, January 12, 2009

Did Jon Stewart suggest that Keith Olbermann is "Herman Munster"?

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In a pleasant conversation with MSNBC and Air America Radio's own Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart used television show 'The Munsters' to describe the NBC Roster. Maddow was kindly referred to as 'Marilyn Munster', quickly adding "but everyone else on there is F*cking nuts".

Jon Stewart
expanded on his analogy describing MSNBC host Chris Matthews as "The Dragon that lives under the stairs". Describing MSNBC's conservative contributor Pat Buchanan as "Grandpa Munster - in the lab making things you wouldn't want to drink".

Jon notably didn't mention MSNBC's biggest name, Keith Olbermann, but one could infer who Jon regarded as his analog with the line "I'm not going to tell you who Herman Munster is". Incidentally the "Keith Olbermann as Herman Munster" meme has long been popular amongst Olbermann's internet detractors.

January 7, 2009: Rachel Maddow on Jon Stewart

In response to Jon Stewart's light ribbing of MSNBC, Rachel offered only this sheepish defense "I'm new there, so it's awkward [for me to]..."

For Aussie readers, watch the dig late in the clip. Come on, was that really necessary?

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Anonymous said...

I think that Rush and Stewart should have a real debate.
No matter which way you lean, or what you think of each, I think many people would concide that Stewart vs. Rush would be the comparing of two political entertainment personalities that have differing opinions. It would get them both a lot of press, and I know I'd love to watch it. Maybe even each agree to do a spot on both shows just to keep it fair. Come on people make some noise and let's see if we can get anyone to listen. That's a fight I really, really want to see, and the guy that is correct can mop up the floor with the other guy! If you think Rush would win, let's see it. If you think Stewart would win, let's see that. I know, I know, the other guy from the one you like is too chicken, let's egg them on. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!