Sunday, November 2, 2008

Arnold Schwarzenegger on McCain the "Action Hero" and Obama's "puny arms"

In a recent post I spoke about "celebrity" politicians using their showbiz history to counterattack critics. In my examples, satirist Al Franken was on the defensive when he invoked his past. On the other hand Action starts Arnold Schwarzenegger uses his showbiz past as an offensive manoeuvre.
This was lucidly illustrated in a campaign event in Columbus Ohio:
Schwazenegger Derides Obama as a 'Skinny' Wealth-Spreader
Headlining an event titled "Judgment Day,"* California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger tonight delivered an impassioned pitch for electing GOP presidential nominee John McCain before a packed arena of supporters.
*"Judgement Day" was the byline for Arnold's career defining movie - 'Terminator 2'

First Arnold cites the career that originally made him famous - Bodybuilding. Arnold connects with Ohio audience using his charming connections to the city outside of politics to raucous applause:
As you all know I love Ohio. I've been coming here for almost 40 years. I won the Mr World competition here. I've worked in movies here. I've done business here. I've made friends here and every year on the first weekend of March I come to Columbus Ohio... and we organise the 'Arnold Classic' - the greatest bodybuilding expo in the world
This allowed Arnold to segue into an amusing wrestling style promo against Obama. The charismatic Arnold convincingly navigated through a potentially laughable pitch especially in light of earlier McCain commercials that painted Obama as a "celebrity candidate".
Of course the 'Arnold Classic' is all about building up the bodies and pumping up. And that's why in the next 'Arnold Classic' I want to invite Senator Obama because he needs to do something about those skinny legs. Make him do some squats. Then we're going to give him some bicep curls to beef up those scrawny little arms.
Here comes the punchline, then the sell for McCain
But if we could only do something about putting some meat into his ideas.

Now Senator McCain on the other hand he is built like a rock. His character, his views are just as solid... He has spent 5 and a half years as a Prisoner of War... John McCain has served this country longer in the POW camp than his opponent has served in the United States senate.

Ladies and Gentleman, I only play an action hero in my movies but John McCain is a real action hero.
Listen and download a longer excerpt from Hugh Hewitt's show

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brick pollitt said...

I'm not going to argue that McCain was not a hero. That is not the question here. The question is, who is John McCain right now? Is he still acting like the hero he once was? I think the answer to that is clearly, no. I'm not usually one to speak out on political issues, but I wrote a post about this issue at . Make a vist if you have time. Thanks.