Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Laura Ingraham on how to fix the GOP : Charisma, fundraising and the internet

Filling in for O'Reilly, APF pundit Laura Ingraham offered her prescription for mending the GOP and addressing the deficiencies the Democrats lapped them on.

Ed Morrisey of HotAir summarises Ingraham's prescription:
Charisma - Regardless of... Barack Obama’s (lack of) experience, he became a leader that people wanted to follow... The Republicans have to find leadership that inspires.
Fundraising/grassroots/Internet use - These are the infrastructural changes that the Democrats made under Howard Dean and the GOP have neglected...
Staff unity - ...Ronald Reagan called it the Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of your fellow Republicans. Criticize policy, but no personal attacks...
Read the full post here - Ingraham on how to fix the GOP

Interestingly Laura didn't highlight any faults in the implementation of conservative philosophy during the past 8yrs of Republican Presidential reign. As is the the thesis of this blog, often times the priorities of the political parties are on
a) Presentation
b) Winning

Below are some relevant comments to Ingraham's prescription from Conservative blog
D0WNT0WN on November 11
The election of Barack Hussein Obama was not political. It was cultural. This is the end result of years and years of dumbing down American education... and putting a tremendous focus on entertainment and distractions above all else. We have gotten soft. We value style over substance. Our Presidential election is now American Idol: White House Edition.
Romeo13 on November 11
Notice what she said is structural, not philosophical...

I mean, can anyone tell me what the Bed Rock beliefs of the Republican Party are TODAY?
Small Government? Not over the last 8 years...
Free Enterprise? Not with the REPUBLICAN sponsored bailout...
Higher Ethical Standards? Alaska’s Senator rules that out...
Stev0 on November 11
Hmm, I think ways to “fix” what ails the Republican party that come out so soon after a drubbing are not necessarily the way to go...

1) It’s more than just leadership that inspires, it is ideas.
2) It is more than just using technology - it is understanding how your base uses it.
3) ... as an aside, Sarah Palin kneecapped herself plenty good, no help required...
It will be interesting to see what the Obama administration delivers. To measure their achievements after one (possibly two) terms relative to their promises. George W Bush won the Presidency on the promise of "Compassionate conservatism" and the "Adults being in charge". In 2001, George W enjoyed an approval of nearly 90%, receiving a "mandate" after being reelected in 2004. It took 6 years into the Bush' Presidency for the GOP to be punished for the disconnect between rhetoric and reality. Surrendering the House and Senate in the 06' midterms and finally the Presidency in 08'.

The most impressive and lasting legacy of the Bush Years was the effectiveness of the Karl rove strategy in winning elections. Obama with David Axelrod and team have presided over arguably the best Election campaign operation in American history. It will be interesting to see if the Obama Administration delivers more than just "Winning and Presentation". It will need to for America to overcome its monumental challenges.

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