Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hannity and Colmes no longer. Who will Hannity face next?

Alan Colmes replacement with Hannity
Is Sean Hannity going to be a singles wrestler?
Via RadioEqualizer, the Hannity and Colmes sparring team is no longer:
Alan's Adios
After a remarkable twelve year run, Alan Colmes is set to leave FOX News Channel's top-rated Hannity & Colmes at the end of the year, according to key sources...

In fact, while several sites are currently running polls on who should replace Colmes, the smart money is betting on a Hannity solo effort...

Brian Stelter reported that Hannity is likely to host the show on his own after Alan's departure...
Alan Colmes is universally regarded for his affability, however this is seen as a liability by many of his liberal peers as he makes for a meek spokesperson. Particularly against the outspoken Hannity and representing the most prominent liberal on the conservative-leaning Fox Network.

APF Pundit Al Franken in a 2003 interview with Newshour Media said of Colmes's relationship with Hannity:
-- and I said, The format of your relationship? Yeah, I get it.

So, this is Fox. That's fair and balanced, which is put on this right-wing thug and this milquetoast moderate, and don't let the moderate, who doesn't lie -- I mean, Alan tries to make good arguments, but to me, it's laying down, it's being used. He's their -- I don't know, I've never heard this word on The NewsHour -- but he is their bitch.
Alan has also been likened to a "punching bag" and the "Washington Generals" of Punditry - the nightly fall guys for the dominant Harlem Globetrotters. A "jobber" in wrestling parlance.

Whilst all there is some validity to this charge, it is also a function of being contrasted with the belligerent Sean Hannity. It will be interesting to see what format Hannity's new program will take, be it a solo effort or with a new counterpart. Below are a sample of opinions from conservative blog HotAir.com
Alan Colmes leaving “Hannity & Colmes”
I love Hannity’s politics but his personality is over the top and kinna grates on me. I love Colmes’ manners but I can’t stand his politics...
by Sweetness0726

...Colmes was not a great debater, but he is civil and that goes a long way in my book...
by Red State State of Mind

In some ways I admire Hannity for the stands he’s taken when all around him have lost their spines…but let’s face it, his intellect and debate skills run far short of the levels we really need in a conservative media figurehead...
by Sharke
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