Friday, November 7, 2008

Signing up APF's newest author - Pete Vere

Negotiations are taking place to bring in a new commissioner to the APF (read: another Author) - Pete Vere. Pete is a Canadian who writes extensively about local Canadian and American Politics. Like many Canadians he also knows a thing or two about wrestling.

Pete has co-written a book with Kathy Shaidle, The Tyranny of Nice, featuring a lengthy introduction from APF Pundit Mark Steyn. You can find some of his writing at where Pete has featured editorials.

Pete leans conservative (correction: He is more of an Independent). The blog is intentionally designed to be non-partisan so it will be interesting to see how Pete approaches things. Maybe we can bring in a liberal leaning author to counter Pete. Maybe I can be a heel APF Chairman.

If that's the case Pete's contract signing might look like this

Expect a 'Pete Vere' character animation soon once he signs on the dotted line.

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