Monday, November 10, 2008

Franken, Coulter, Stephanie and Dennis: Pundit debates

In previous posts I've stated that pundits rarely venture outside their fiefdoms and challenge other pundits face to face. Often times they will call each other out on their own TV shows (like Olbermann) or on the radio (like Levin). Every so often they will challenge each other directly but usually with someone holding court (like O'Reilly hosting Maher).

The best debates however are the long form debates, traditionally held in University settings. Independent moderators moving the proceedings, wrestling-style live crowd feedback, body language and extemporaneous thought.

Here are a collection of some of the best:

A Conversation Between Al Franken & Ann Coulter
Friday, May 14, 2004. Hosted by The Connecticut Forum
From the Left...Al Franken Bestselling author of LIES and The Lying LIars Who Tell Them and From the Right...Ann Coulter Author of the bestseller TREASON-Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism. Political fireworks!
Moderated by Steve Roberts

Talk Radio's "The Great Debate" Stephanie Miller(L) VS Dennis Prager(R)
October 7, 2008. Hosted by Democracy Broadcasting
Talk-radio's Left meets the Right in Los Angeles following the Obama - McCain televised debate. 1-hour of spirited debate between Prager and Miller taped before a live audience of their fans in Glendale, California.

Book Panel including Al Franken and Bill O'Reilly (audio only)
May 31, 2003. Hosted by C-SPAN and BookTV
Read BuzzFlash' reader account:
The story of how Franken tracked down and debunked this claim ran on for 10 or 15 minutes, in excruciating detail. O'Reilly, still silent through most of it, was beside himself and looked to be ready to jump out of his chair and tackle the speaker.

Read a BuzzFlash interview of the incident

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