Sunday, November 16, 2008

Australian PM snubbed by George W Bush at G20

This blog traditionally doesn't do World news, but seeing as Pete Vere paved the way with some Canada-centric news. I have some parochial news of my own from my native Australia.

The blog is ostensibly about the parallels between Political and Wrestling theatre focusing on the American system largely as it's more fertile in it's spectacle, wealth of characters and coverage. That's not to say the World can't match the superpower with wrestling-style drama of their own.

The new Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd has had to negotiate through awkward relations with outgoing US President George W Bush. It stems from a reported leak that has undermined President Bush and has both parties red-faced:
The original story concerned a speakerphone call that came as Mr Rudd was entertaining at Kirribilli (Prime Minister's Residence) the editor-in-chief of The Australian, Chris Mitchell.

Mr Rudd slipped into the adjacent study to take the call, of which a blow-by-blow account contends Mr Rudd was "stunned" when Mr Bush asked: "What's the G20?"
The G20 - is an informal economic forum between the 20 world leaders, its particular significant this time around due to the unfolding Global financial crisis. It is at this event where the two leaders would meet for the first time since the brouhaha.

You can judge for yourself how it went.

VIDEO: The usually jocular Bush gives Kevin Rudd a "perfunctory" greeting

This is what Shadow (opposition)Treasurer Julie Bishop had to say:
Bush warms to PM after the frosty reception
...Friday's frosty reception showed the case was not closed and again alleged that Mr Rudd fed the paper a fallacious account of the phone call to big note himself and make Mr Bush look dumb.
PM Kevin Rudd was in a similarly ridiculous controversy when he was seen saluting the US President.

VIDEO: Watch Wrestlers dealing with their own frosty handshakes

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