Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama President Elect: What the pundits have said

Michelle Malkin on Obama as President elect
The One ascends; McCain concedes
Well, it’s official. Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States. Fox and NBC have called the race.
It’s a historic moment.
Here’s my promise to you: As long as I can still publish a blog and speak my mind openly about the next denizen of the White House, I will.
Mark Levin on Obama as President elect
Obama's Night
On FOX, they're giddy about the Barack Obama election. On MSNBC, they're crying. This country faces serious challenges with an Obama election and such a large Democrat majority. I can't get caught up in Obamamania — I couldn't before and I can't now. This is a historic election, but I am more concerned today than yesterday about the nation's future because of the policies Obama himself said he would pursue. And we conservatives have much work before us...
Hugh Hewitt on Obama as President elect
Congratulations To President-Elect Barack Obama
It is an extraordinary thing, an achievement that will be recognized a hundred years hence, that Barack Obama has won the White House. Even those of us who opposed him, and who will no doubt be opposed to many of his policy objectives over the next four years, must pause and say congratulations on an improbable, amazing rise.
Sam Seder on election night

More pundit APF pundit roundups as they come to hand.

In other news...
Coleman vs. Franken: Recount looms
One of the most bitter U.S. Senate races in Minnesota history remains deadlocked more than 10 hours after polls closed across the state.

With all but a small handful of precincts reporting in, Republican Sen. Norm Coleman and DFL challenger Al Franken remain in a virtual tie and the contest appears headed for a certain recount.

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