Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pete Dominick moderates a debate between two callers

One of the APF's favourite radio Talkers is Pete Dominick. Pete's program is unique because its largely defined by the recurring callers and characters that contribute to the show. It's "independent" salon discussion format coupled with Pete's inclusive and happy-go-lucky personality ensure that a plurality of views are represented.

One of the more memorable segments was when Pete sanctioned and moderated a spontaneous debate between two popular regular callers - Eric and Steve.
PETE DOMINICK: You know what would be good radio Steve is if you and Eric go at it... Let's put Eric on the line with Steve. Eric from Rhode Island, you're on with Steve from Boston. You're both New Englanders - The Battle of New England.
They argued passionately about the fairness of tax policy, "Socialism" and the free market.
Listen to the Pete Dominick audio here ( There is a lengthy prologue, you may skip directly to the battle at 2m 40s)

The segmented Audio came from Pete's old show, Pete's Big Mouth on Sirius' IndieTalk channel. Fans will be aware that the show has since changed it's name, moving to a new channel as a result of the Sirius/XM merger.
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Stand Up! with Pete Dominick
Pete's new show is called Stand Up! with Pete Dominick and can be found on Sirius' new P.O.T.U.S. 110 channel.

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