Thursday, November 13, 2008

Colbert hosting the pundits: Maddow, Scarborough, Hewitt and Papa Bear

Of all the pundits in the APF, Stephen Colbert arguably has the most universal appeal. Being comedic and having assumed a faux pundit persona, Stephen benefits from not being entirely culpable for his outrageous actions.

Stephen has a unique crossover appeal, voicing a caricature of a right wing pundit whilst personally being left-leaning. Interestingly Bill O'Reilly, the pundit template Colbert is fashioned after describes himself as an 'Independent'. With the shield of comedy, Colbert is caustic yet innocuous. It's the best of both worlds and an enviable license.

Below are a selection of Stephen Colbert interviews of the APF pundits:

Hugh Hewitt April 2006
Hugh Hewitt thinks the Republicans are aiming at an electoral iceberg and they need to turn the ship around quickly
Hugh Hewitt
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Joe Scarborough October 2008
Joe Scarborough gives reasons why John McCain won't win this election.

Keith Olbermann March 2006
Stephen thinks being a bully is just another way of getting your points across passionately.

Bill O'Reilly January 2007
Stephen finally gets to sit at the foot of the master, Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly.

Rachel Maddow November 2008
Rachel Maddow says the Bush administration has been like hiring a vegan to be your butcher.

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