Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Al Franken wins the Minnesota Senate seat. Coleman to challenge

Al Franken (D) has won the Minnesota Senate seat by referee's decision. But it may not stand. The disputed championship will most likely go to the courts as the incumbent Norm Coleman (R) plans to challenge the recount.
Franken Wins Minnesota Senate Race in Recount, But Lawsuit Looms
A Minnesota board has certified election results showing Democrat Al Franken has won the U.S. Senate recount -- by 225 votes.

But that doesn't mean the former Saturday Night Live comedian's race against his Republican opponent, incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman, is over. While FOX News has learned that Senate Democratic leaders will try to seat Franken on Tuesday, a legal challenge probably will keep the race in limbo...
Extending an already dramatic contest further...
The recount reversed the unofficial Election Day results, which showed Coleman with a 215-vote lead.

Franken made up the deficit over seven tortuous weeks of ballot-sifting in part by prevailing on challenges that both campaigns brought to thousands of ballots...
Al Franken is on the verge of completing an improbable APF resume having begun as a wrestler in his college days, making his name on Saturday Night Live, becoming a formidable voice for the left as flagship talker for Air America Radio to finally being elected to the Senate.

Wrestler, Satirist, Pundit and now Politician - summing up neatly all the universes this blog touches on.

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