Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chris Matthews discusses Rush Limbaugh's influence with Dick Armey and Joan Walsh

Any questions about Rush's future as Conservatism's leader or his ability to remain on top have well and truly been answered by his dominance in this week's political headlines. There is no better illustration than the grovelling by Congressman Phil Gingrey (R) after having having the gall to cross Rush.

Chris Matthews held a discussion regarding Rush' influence and was visibly beside himself after witnessing the sight of a sitting congressman pleading for a "Radio Giant's" mercy.

Video: Chris Matthews hosting a discussion between Joan Walsh and Dick Armey

CHRIS MATTHEWS: ...the congressman, because he come (sic) back and grovelled at the altar of - GOD! (incredulous) Rush Limbaugh. What a sight!... (laughs) You can see who's got the power here
JOAN WALSH: Yes. He's licking his boots. Let's be honest. Have you ever seen anything more pathetic than this display?...

AllahPundit from HotAir speculates on why some leftist corners are elevating Rush
Norah O’Donnell to Mike Pence: Why are you so beholden to Rush Limbaugh?
A lefty friend e-mailed me this afternoon before this even aired asking why MSNBC was running so many segments today on Limbaugh being the new head of the GOP. Answer: For the same reason Obama name-checked him in that meeting with Republicans leaders last week, knowing full well that it’d leak. The more the left builds him up, the more they can tar the whole GOP with whatever controversial thing he’ll say tomorrow.

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As an aside expect to see some fallout from Dick Armey's seemingly sexist remark towards Joan Walsh - Dick Armey assaults Joan Walsh verbally

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