Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Barack Obama meeting and dining with Rush Limbaugh?

Barack Obama has been making news for meeting with prominent Conservative leaders
Obama And Conservatives Break Bread At George Will's House
The president-elect arrived at... the home of syndicated columnist George Will... according to a press pool report. Greeting him at the residence were other luminaries of the conservative commentariat, including the Weekly Standard's William Kristol, New York Times columnist David Brooks, and Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post.

Some might see it as the continuation of Barack's "charm offensive" or "keeping your friends close but your enemies closer" but in any case it has set the tone for the new Barack administration.

Conservative heavyweight, Rush Limbaugh shrewdly used this news piece to tease he might be one of the conservative luminaries meeting with the new President.
Jason Lewis of KTLK-FM in Minneapolis
Minnesota's "Mr. Right" filled in while Rush mysteriously flew to Washington for a super-secret meeting. Could it have anything to do with what he said on Monday?

Rush on Monday: "Now, remember, Obama said, 'Show me what works and we'll do it.' It seems to me, folks, that the simplest, the fastest, and the most direct way to do this is to bail out the rich. If we are going to save our economy the bailout of the wealthy cannot wait. The rich need a bailout. The rich need further tax cuts. This is what's necessary and I would be willing to personally present this plan to President-elect Obama because it has worked. I'm just offering, a personal trip, nobody even has to know about this."

As the Huffington Post reports, Rush Limbaugh's absence from his show likely has nothing to do with an Obama tet-a-tet:
a source close to the transition confirms, Limbaugh was definitely not in attendance during the dinner affair -- likely disappointing some in the conservative blogosphere, knowing full well the fury that would have caused among progressives.

The likelihood of Limbaugh being at the reported 'Conservative dinner' is remote in my estimation. If a meeting were to occur between Limbaugh and Obama it would be a one on one, Limbaugh's influence and ego demand it. Rush has talked about "super secret meetings" in the past and has always projected his strength even in comparison to the "most powerful person in the world", the American President:
When pundits meet the President (Aug 2007)
RUSH: Because I went yesterday afternoon and last night.
CALLER: So that was your super-secret meeting?...
CALLER: What a privilege for you, I'm sure.
RUSH: Well, it was a privilege for them.
CALLER: (Laughing.)
RUSH: You know, people have been asking me, "Well, what did the president tell you last night?" That's not it. "What did I tell the president?" is the correct question.

Expect to see Rush declaring similar when he return to his top-rating show.

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