Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daily Show: Barack Obama sounds just like George W Bush

VIDEO: Jon Stewart on Obama's Inaugural speech

The Daily Show notices Barack's Inaugural speech sounded like something George W Bush might say
Changefest ‘09 - Obama’s Inaugural Speech
JASON JONES: Why are you doing this? [being cynical]
JON STEWART: I don't know, what am I suppose to do? This is all I know.
JASON JONES: It's 'Hope' Day One.
JON STEWART: I know. I don't like it either...
JASON JONES: It's like, Why is cheese delicious on Italian food but when you melt it on Chinese food it's disgusting? I don't know. I guess when Obama says this stuff, I don't think he really means it. And that gives me hope...
Christopher Buckley, speechwriter for the Elder President Bush said this on the art of speeches
What Would Obama Say?
"The trick of speechwriting, if you will, is making the client say your brilliant words while somehow managing to make it sound as though they issued straight from their own soul," said the writer Christopher Buckley, who was a speechwriter for the first President Bush. "Imagine putting the words ‘Ask not what your country can do for you’ into the mouth of Ron Paul, and you can see the problem."
To quote the band 'Survivor' - "It's the singer, not the song".
Hugh Hewitt made a similar observation on the power (and transperancy) of Obama's cadence during the campaign season - Hugh Hewitt on how Obama talks: Cadence over content