Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A tribute to Alan Colmes by The Daily Show and The Colbert Report

As reported last November, Alan Colmes the long time liberal counterpart to the Alpha Conservative Sean Hannity would be leaving their top rating Fox News show.

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show paid a mocking tribute to Alan's 12 year tenure as the "hapless" liberal foil.

Read the full lyrics to the Hall and Oates song at The Huffington Post
Anytime you need a token liberal
Nothin' but a body to fill a chair
The barest shadow of a person
Alan Colmes is always there...
Sean Hannity responded to the comdedic tribute of his long time partner in an interview for Broadcasting and Cable:
Sean Hannity Talks Life Without Colmes
Jon Stewart addressed Colmes’ departure on The Daily Show Thursday night recruiting washed-up 80s pop duo Darryl Hall and John Oates to offer a farewell ditty to the departing Colmes...

Said Hannity: "I was actually thinking of Jon [Stewart] as a co-host but I needed someone who could be smart and funny without 50 writers and two has-been rockers who are badly in need of Botox."
Alan Colmes showed he could laugh off the ribbing that he was a "token liberal (punching bag)" by appearing on the Daily Show's spinoff, The Colbert Report. Effectively reprising his role as the beta Anchor.

Colbert and Colmes

In another Colmes and Colbert segment, watch Stephen (a former Presidential contender) take on "comedians running for office" in reference to new Minnesota Senator Al Franken. Watch Colbert and Colmes on Ronald Burris appointment

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