Monday, January 19, 2009

January 21, Obama's Inauguration Viewing Party - Manning Bar, University of Sydney

manning bar us studies centre
Just a friendly reminder. For those in Sydney (Australia) who are interested watching the Inauguration of America's 44th President with fellow observers, I would recommend the Viewing Party hosted by the US Studies Centre:
Inauguration Watch
Election Watch winds up on January 21 with our final event - the Inauguration of President Obama. Join us on this historic day to watch Obama's speech on the big screen, followed by a Q&A session with our pundits and then watch the spectacle and colour of the inaugural parade. The event is free and bookings are not necessary...

Manning Bar, University of Sydney
21 January 2009, Free
12.00pm (screening starts at 1.00pm)

The US studies Centre website is a handy resource for observers who are interested in the American Electoral System and it's history. It has a handy listing for what's in store for the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony on Tuesday, January 20th (Wednesday 21st for Australians)
Inauguration Day Events
- The Morning Worship Service
- The Procession to the Capitol
- Swearing-in Ceremony
- The Inaugural Address
- The Inaugural Luncheon
- The Inaugural Parade
- The Inaugural Ball

Australian who are interested in watching the events unfold live will need to set their alarm clocks.
4 of the 5 Major Networks (not SBS) will be carrying the Inauguration live at 3am. Some running specials that begin earlier.
Channel 7:
3am - 5am Special News Presentation

Channel 9:
10:55pm - 5.30am. Nine News Special

Channel 10
1:30am - 6am. The Inauguration of Barack Obama

ABC Channel
3:25am - 5am. The Inauguration of President Obama
5am - 6am. Made in Chicago: The Making of Barack Obama (repeated)

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You can tweet and watch inauguration ceremony live in HD here