Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rush Limbaugh to appear on Hannity

I've recently been pondering whether Sean Hannity has the chance to usurp Rush Limbaugh during the upcoming Obama years. Especially considering the speculation of gamesmanship between the first-place Rush and second-placed Hannity.

All these questions might be answered when Rush appears on Hannity's new program for Fox. Part One airs tonight, January 21st.
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Story #1: Part One of Rush Interview on Hannity Tonight
RUSH: A reminder, folks. Yesterday morning at ten o'clock here at the EIB Southern Command, I taped a 30-minute interview with Sean Hannity for his new show on Fox, and it's a two-part interview that will air starting tonight (the second part is tomorrow night). His show is at nine o'clock on the Fox News Channel. Everybody says it was good, typically good, but I thought I rambled and had diarrhea of the mouth a couple of times. I don't watch myself on TV, so you'll have to watch and tell me.