Sunday, January 4, 2009

Barack Obama Inauguration Watch, Sydney Australia

For people in Sydney who are interested in watching and/or celebrating the Inauguration of Barack Obama with a crowd of fellow observers I would highly recommend the UTS Studies Center in the University of Sydney. It's a free event with plenty of entertainment in store:

The invitation is as follows:
US Election Watch 08 - Inauguration Watch
Election Watch winds up on January 21 with our final event - the Inauguration of President Obama. Join us on this historic day to watch Obama's speech on the big screen, followed by a Q&A session with our pundits and then watch the spectacle and colour of the inaugural parade. The event is free and bookings are not necessary...

Manning Bar, University of Sydney
21 January 2009
12.00pm (screening starts at 1.00pm)
(follow the link to view a map)

- Go to the US Election Watch page
- Visit the University of Sydney's US Studies Centre site

If there are any readers who plan to attend the event kindly leave a comment or drop us a line


Anonymous said...

Are children welcome at this event?

PunditFight said...

I would assume so. I'm not affiliated with the event and its organisers unfortunately.

I imagine an adult setting with Wine and such. Don't see why Children wouldn't be permitted, in fact I imagine it would suit the occasion. Best to contact them yourself.

Anonymous said...

Children are most welcome. There will be mix of people, mostly university students and faculty-types.