Friday, January 9, 2009

Barack Obama's Economic team, The President's lunch and the Main Event Mafia

Barack Obama Economic team Main Event MafiaDream Teams: Obama's Economic Team, TNA Wrestling's Main Event Mafia, America's 5 living Presidents

In the transition period between winning the election in November to officially assuming the Presidency in January, President elect Obama has positioned himself in several star powered photo-ops. In his first press conference he was flanked by a bevy of political heavyweights, with then unspecified roles for the new Administration.
Jim Lehrer touched on this with Shields and Brooks (Nov 7, 2008):
Problems for Republicans
...JIM LEHRER: Right. And Robert Rubin in the background, Larry Summers in the background, Laura Tyson in the background.

MARK SHIELDS: Now, tell me, did you think it was necessary to have all of them out there?

DAVID BROOKS: Well, I've talked about this line-up before. I always like the line-up.

MARK SHIELDS: You like the character witness...

DAVID BROOKS: ... I think it helps, I mean, because those are impressive people. And Obama is still a young man...
And a lot of people who pay attention to economic policy know everybody in that line-up. And I just think it's reassuring to see them.
Barack has continued this trend of appearing alongside formidable casts, in announcing his Economic team and Foreign Policy team headlined by once-rival Hillary Clinton. His latest outing, a lunch meeting with the most exclusive of clubs - American Presidents. Future, present and former Presidents were brought together by George W Bush for a lunch date in the White House creating an assuring image of solidarity and bi-partisanship.

This assemblage of stars, some dubbing the "Dream Team" is an exercise in projecting strength. To assure that the challenges of a global financial crisis and ongoing foreign concerns will be ably handled by a new administration and a young president.

The sight of seeing an all star cast evokes a sense of command and unity of purpose. It demonstrates Obama's confidence in his ability to lead. Due to the gravity of the challenge, it's a Dream Team born of necessity rather than ego.

But a Dream Team is no panacea. Obama being a basketball fan will no doubt be aware that Dream Teams might look good on paper but it's a different matter once you step on the court.

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