Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mark Levin defends the very capable Rush Limbaugh from Conservative critics

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Conservative RadioTalkers Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh
Listen to Mark Levin defending good friend Rush Limbaugh from his critics
MARK LEVIN: I am so tired of the effort to destroy him [Rush], to mischaracterize what he says when people know exactly what he's saying because he's thoroughly articulate, he's coherent. I mean this effort to attack him now everyday.

Ladies and Gentleman, let me explain something. They're attacking us. He speaks for us. He shares our values and our beliefs. He stands up for our traditions. They're attacking him because they want to take him down because they want to take you down and stop any resistance to what's going on. Now let's be honest, it is time we come to his defense, it is time we come to Rush's defense. I'm sick and tired of this. I'm sick and tired of the backbenchers in this business attacking him. I'm sick an tired of the pantywaists in the blogger world attacking him and I'm sick of the liberal, pathetic, in-the-tank media attacking him. I have nothing but contempt for Republicans who turn on their own like Tom Ridge and Colin Powell...
Mark Levin cut an impassioned promo defending his good friend Rush Limbaugh. Aesthetically it was odd as it actually projected weakness for Levin and Limbaugh. Mark Levin by seeming to take it personal and emotional in defense of a friend appears childish. Almost reminiscent of the much parodied 'Leave Britney Alone' Youtube sensation. Rush Limbaugh who is being defended also comes off looking weak, the irony is that every attack against Rush has only made his influence stronger. Not only in the spike in interest generated by anticipating Rush' response. Everytime the media mentions the talker and pits him against elected Republican officials and people of influence like Colin Powell or President Obama it elevates his status equal to them. As I've mentioned previously, this is very much in keeping with Rush' media strategy of being a "headline maker who's show you tune into".

Every battle he's entered into from Rep. Phil Gingrey, to Michael Steele, to President Obama and Colin Powell. Rush has come off looking the better in the minds of his listeners and supporters. It's arguable whether Rush has won over independents and Democrats, considering his most vocal supporters are the polarising Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. Rush has no interest courting moderates, he sees them lacking in conviction and will only impede in advancing Conservative principles. Whilst this goes for supporters, it also applies to elected Moderate Republicans, exemplified best in John McCain and Arlen Specter whom he has dubbed RINOs (Republicans in Name Only).

Its a curious strategy by Levin but he's not one to play defense, "It’s time to fight back! If they attack us, we attack right back!". Mark Levin's wrestling style promo in defense of Rush is likely setting the table for his new initiative. Mark has been promoting launching a section on his website to highlight bloggers who are harming Conservatism by attacking its proponents like Rush, encouraging supporters to flood their comments' section in kind.
MARK LEVIN: Early next week we will have a a link on on these degenerate -- a handful of them, we will call them out. You'll be able to go to the link - bloggers, then you go their comments section and you can let them know what you think of them. Because they think nothing of you...
Mark has already begun the 'defense of offense' by dressing down Rush Limbaugh critic David Frum. Mark clearly shows that he wants "people of influence" to remain as strong as possible as they will be the ones best equipped to lead the fight.
MARK LEVIN: We don't need an education from the columnists, the bloggers and the wanna-be who don't know how to fight these people. Never have and never will. It's a lot easier to stab our own people in the back. They have no influence, they're irrelevant. They're only relevenace is in distracting us and tripping us up. Us! Not the other side. Us!

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