Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Anthony Weiner - When politicans cut promos

You'll notice i've been running with a theme the last few days. Promos! So far i've featured APF pundit Sam Seder and a not-entirely-convincing tough guy, Tom Friedman.

Today i'll be showing a politican in action, Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner. Watch as the congressman cuts a promo on what he sarcastically calls the "Republic Party".

VIDEO: Anthony Weiner cuts a promo on the "Republic Party"

Of course its less raucous and a lot more civilised on the hill compared to the wrestling ring. If the promo was done in a wrestling environment it might resemble this type of scene:

VIDEO: Kane cuts a promo
Note: I originally featured another video, however I think this new one might capture the feeling better as its a promo between two warring stables. This wrestling example also shares a tone of mocking and contempt similar to Anthony Weiner's promo.

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