Saturday, September 8, 2007

You can now subscribe to the APF feed

Just a quick update on some of the developments in the APF. If you look to your right under the 'Links' sidebar you will find some buttons to important APF resources.

I've added a feed which will allow you to get all the APF developments delivered to your computer. To be frank i've never really explored RSS feeds etc... so here's hoping it works.

There is also a link for you to download and make your very own APF flags. Its a PDF that contains a template for you to print double sided flags as well as instructions on how to do make them.

Finally there is a link to the APF myspace page. It is the official companion site to this blog. It contains many animations and is a great primer for the APF and all the pundits featured in it. Be sure to befriend us on myspace and share your comments of the pundits through the pictures page.

Go to the RSS feed
Go to the myspace page
Download your very own APF flags

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