Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Profile 7: Michelle Malkin & Keith Olbermann

michelle malkin art caricature pundit Michelle Malkin is a conservative blogger and columnist. She established and administrates two highly trafficked blogs, her personal site at michellemalkin.com and hotair.com, a Video news channel. Apart from writing daily for both blogs, Michelle formerly hosted a daily Video segment "Vent With Michelle Malkin". This segment is no longer a daily feature..

Michelle is a frequent contributor to Fox News. She is also a regularly fill-in host on the O'Reily Factor. Michelle also co-hosts a show about blogging and technology called "It's Out There" with Kirsten Powers, a regular liberal sparring partner.
Michelle Malkin has written three books.
1) Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores, 2002
2) In Defense of Internment: The World War II Round-Up and What It Means For America's War on Terror
3) Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild, 2005

keith olbermann art caricature pundit Keith Olbermann is a liberal news anchorman, and sports caster. Keith hosts his own self-titled political news show on MSNBC, Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Keith's show blog is called 'Bloggerman'. He is also the cohost of a sports program, Football Night in America with Bob Costas.

Keith is most known for his impassioned dialogues and taunting of ideological opponents. The former is patterned after Keith's rolemodel, esteemed journalist Edward R Murrow. Keith has had a long running and sometimes controversial feud with Bill O'Reilly. Keith's features a segment on his 'Worst Person in the World', it is primarily a vehicle to highlight but also antagonise persons he feels are causing harm to America. It is largely tongue in cheek, in tone and delivery.

Keith has written two political books:
1) The Worst Person in the World: And 202 Strong Contenders, 2006
2) Truth and Consequences: Special Comments on the Bush Administration's War on American Values, 2007

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