Monday, September 24, 2007

trimming the fat

To make things easier, I've trimmed down the labels to an acceptable minimum.
In the past where I had tags for people like "Eric Alterman" and
"Matt Taibbi" etc... I've just placed them under the more generic label - "Columnists".

For more mainstream personalities and pundits like "David Brooks" and "Tom Friedman", I've slotted them under Mainstream Media Pundits or "MSM Pundits" for short.

The larger TV and Talk Radio pundits like John Gibson, Michael Medved and Thom Hartmann who may be honorary APF pundits or are in consideration as future APF pundits. They come under the umbrella of "Non-APF pundit".

The only names that should be available as tags will be official APF pundits, as indicated by their surname.

I hope this has made things easier and tidier. Kindly let me know if otherwise.
Thank You

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