Sunday, September 23, 2007

Success! One post a day achieved

I'm quietly pleased with myself that I achieved my goal of one post a day.

Whilst in the past I've fashioned this site into a warehouse of longer essays and art. I'm moving the APF into a more gruelling tour schedule of regular shorter posts. Personally i never minded the fact that I only updated every so often. When I allowed myself the time to fully articulate a thought or illustrate an analogy I was generally very happy with the result. I'd be be quite happy for those posts to be turned into a magazine column. Ultimately I'd like to take the APF to the big stage of 'The back page of Time Magazine' so the longer posts were good practice in writing on a theme.

Regular readers will notice that a lot of my media references were not always current. This is because the psychology and presentation techniques are old standards. Thats why I never felt the pressure of updating the site to conform to the current news cycle. I never felt compelled to have short conversational posts or quick links as I always felt obliged to a long proper commentary to accompany it. I could actually include an apt wrestling analogy at this point (you know I've got one!). I won't bore you with it this time, unless the fans demand otherwise.

At any rate, brace yourself for more frequent posts. Whether you are a new reader or a loyal supporter I thank you and hope you keep on reading. Make sure you spread the word about the APF

I've been thinking about taking the APF in this direction for a while. This post on Truehoop about blogging probably tipped my decision over the edge.

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