Friday, September 14, 2007

Flag waving pundit supporters

'American Pundit Fighting' flag (Bill O'Reilly)
Here is a simple tutorial for making your very own flags of your favourite APF pundits. All you need to begin is blu-tack, toothpicks, scissors, sticky tape, some paper and a printer.

Step 1.

Download the PDF file which you will be printing. Go here or download directly here. You will need to feed your paper twice in the printer as you will be printing on both sides.

Step 2.
Cut off the pointy ends of your toothpick. Make your flags by cutting the rectangles from your paper. You should have 29 rectangles.

Step 3.

Cut off a strip of tape and affix a tiny piece vertically on the gray portion of the rectangle. Use the over hanging tape and curl it around your toothpick. Your paper (flag) should now be wrapped around the toothpick (flag pole)

Step 4.
The paper can still uncurl itself around the toothpick. Don't fret. On the inner or back part of the flag, simply tape the paper to the stick area to hold firm in place.

Step 5.

Now its just a matter of propping your flag on some blu-tack and sticking it on a surface for everyone too see and enjoy. But remember, please don't litter.

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