Friday, September 28, 2007

Laura Ingraham: Power to the people!

Just wanted to highlight two interesting clips from APF pundit Laura Ingraham.

1) Conservative Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney appears on Laura's show. Mitt reinforces some of what I said in the last post, about how people vote for the person and not the policy. How a person portrays themselves is more defining to the voter than their plans as leader.
"in my view it is the characters of our Presidents that had the biggest impact on this nation, even more than the policies that they espoused at the time"

2) Laura on her book tour has welcomed a less partisan discourse. She chats with WABC stablemate Ron Kuby on matters ranging from Iraq, protecting America and partisanship. It's a fiery debate, but its clear that Laura has softened her stance in the spirit of the conciliatory tone of her book, Power to the People.

Listen to Laura chatting with Mitt Romney
Listen to Laura duelling with liberal radio talker Ron Kuby
Click here if you'd like to hear more Laura Ingraham clips.

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