Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Glenn Beck challenged by the ladies of 'The View'

VIDEO: Glenn Beck appears on 'The View'
It seems like a rite of passage for any Superstar pundit to make an appearance on ABC's 'The View'. High profile commentators like Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck have made appearances. Though tangential, Rush Limbaugh also had a sit down with Barbara Walters for her 'Most Fascinating People' special.

There was interesting exchange where the ladies challenged Beck's embellishments recounting his earlier encounter with the ladies on a train.
Glenn Beck on The View, Part I
JOY BEHAR: Why did you lie about that?
GLENN BECK: I don't know, I came over. I don't know
BEHAR: You had the breaks on or what?
BECK: I guess so... You're accusing me of lying, let me tell you what...
WHOOPI GOLDBERG: What do you mean I'm accusing you of lying. You sat there and you're a lying sack of dog mess. (audience laughter) C'mon man. You lied
Another interesting exchange occurs when Barbara Walters asks Glenn Beck about his "crying". Which leads to an odd exchange where Barbara Walters and Glenn Beck "doth protest too much"
Glenn Beck on The View, Part II
BARBARA WALTERS: You cry and that's one of your trademarks and you get very passionate and so forth, What are your real convictions. Tell us some things that real important to you?
GLENN BECK: Let me say something the crying thing... do you think that I want to be that guy. I'm on the quintessential chick show and your making fun of me for crying?
WALTERS: Excuse me, Excuse me (indignantly) Glenn! There was nothing in what I said that made fun of you... and what you did was say that I was making fun of you
Update: May 20
Glenn Beck responds to the ladies of 'The View' claiming he was ambushed on his official website and articulating the same on his show
Glenn ambushed on 'The View'
Glenn knew this wasn't going to be pretty -- but Glenn's interview on The View was even worse than anticipated, mostly because of the childish accusations (which they wasted an entire segment of TV on) that Glenn 'lied' about his chance encounter with Barbara and Whoopi on an Amtrak train down to the Correspondents dinner in Washington DC.
VIDEO: Glenn Beck responds to 'The View' via phone call-in, 
"Judge" Andrew Napolitano filling in

Update: May 21
During his radio program, Glenn Beck tells a caller that she wants the ladies of 'The View' to apologise

VIDEO: Glenn Beck wants a "damn apology" from Barbara Walters
GLENN BECK: I was not lying period. The story happened exactly the way I said it did. [Executive Producer] Stu clarified that I never said that I approached them, Barbara Walters -- The only thing in that story that did not happen was Barbara Walters did not say my name first... I said "Ms Walters, [I'm]Glenn Beck". [She said] "Yes Glenn Beck, I understand you're going to be on our show in a couple of weeks" and I said "yes"... both my assistant and my wife were outraged and insulted and you know what? I think maybe I'll kick it up a notch. I believe 'The View' owes me a damn apology. I didn't lie. Why don't you apologise and explain yourself. How the hell did you get those seats Barbara Walters? Call me a liar, Bullcrap!


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Whoopie Goldberg is “the lying sack of dog mess.” grow up girls and stop accusing others of your own problems. Ashame....

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whoopi is a sack - glenn is a sack - jon huntsman is a sack - all their followers are sacks . wake up sheeple !