Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter switches parties, again. From Republican to Democrat.

Breaking news: Arlen Specter has defected to the Democratic Party

VIDEO: Sen. Arlen Specter defended his decision to leave the Republican Party
ARLEN SPECTER: I found myself increasingly at odds with the Republican philosophy and more in line with the philosophy of the Democratic Party... In the course of the last several months, I have travelled the State and surveyed the sentiment of Pennsylvania ... and have found the prospects for winning the Republican Primary are bleak. I'm not prepared to have my 29 year record in the United States Senate decided by the Pennsylvania Republican Primary electorate. Not prepared to have that record decided by that jury... But I'm prepared to take on all comers - all comers in the general election...
Read Rush Limbaugh's take on Arlen Specter's defection, via Politico
Limbaugh to Specter: Please take McCain with you
Conservative host Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday he isn't sorry to see Arlen Specter leave the GOP — and that many Republicans wish the Pennsylvania senator would take a few others with him when he goes.

"A lot of people say, 'Well, Specter, take [Sen. John] McCain with you. And his daughter [Meghan]. Take McCain and his daughter with you if you're gonna…" he told listeners, dissolving in laughter.

"…..It's ultimately good. You're weeding out people who aren't really Republicans," he said.
Read some reactions from noted Republicans and Conservatives,
- RNC chairman Michael Steele weighs in on Arlen Specter's defection

VIDEO: Michael Steele with CNN's Kyra Phillips talking about Specter's defection
MICHAEL STEELE: ... I seriously doubt that he's gonna to have a scott free ride to the nomination on the democratic side. No matter what kind of deal the trial lawyers or the Democratic party have made... This is an open primary seat for the Democrats. I love it. And we're gonna have a strong Republican candidate on our side and I love that even more. And if Senator Specter survives into the fall - Get ready to go to the mat baby! We're coming after ya & we're taking ya out!
- Read David Frum's (Author and Former special assistant to George W Bush) reaction via the New Majority site
Another Triumph for the Club for Growth
For years, many in the conservative world have wished for an ideologically purer GOP. Their wish has been granted. Happy?

Let’s take this moment to nail some colors to the mast. I submit it is better for conservatives to have 60% sway within a majority party than to have 100% control of a minority party. And until and unless there is an honored place made in the Republican party for people who think like Arlen Specter, we will remain a minority party.
- Watch Arlen Specter talking to C-SPAN in 2001 about his original switch from Democrat to Republican

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