Friday, February 6, 2009

Andrew Wilkow versus the college students of Hofstra University

During the third Presidential Debate at Hofstra University between John McCain and Barack Obama, another left VS right showdown was also taking place.
Sirius XM to provide special coverage of third and final Presidential Debate
Sirius XM Radio is broadcasting today live from the campus of Hofstra University, the site of the final US Presidential debate.

The event will be headlined by a post-debate simulcast of political channels Sirius Patriot (ch 144) and Sirius Left (ch 146), where hosts Andrew Wilkow and Alex Bennett will preside over a post-debate 'town hall' discussion with Hofstra students.
Below are some notable quotes from the event and audio of Andrew Wilkow sparring with Hofstra University students.
Listen to Andrew Wilkow at the Town hall meeting in Hofstra University - Clip 1 and Clip 2

Wilkow explaining the night's Town Hall format and flexing his muscle
I apologize for being to good at this. It was kind of unfair... the intention was that Alex Bennett and I were suppose to moderate comments and questions from students more directed at each other than directly at us. And of course then I became Public Enemy #1. Like I said it was a couple of hundred liberals VS one conservative. Which was not fair they should have brought more liberals.
Wilkow on standing up for your principles
I do not blame these college kids. I do not blame them personally. I blame the system that is indoctrinating them. I blame the sewer pipe of refuse that is being pumped into their heads on a day to day basis. What's fascinating about Liberals VS conservative in principles and debate. And I'm not personally attacking Alex Bennet but when you look at the foolishness of the room. You have two choices, you could either stand up and let the fools boo you but remain steadfast in your belief or you could try to appeal to the foolishness...
Wilkow on dealing with a hostile crowd
What are you shaking your head at? You like that? The kid just shakes his head at me. I know I win and an angel gets his wings whenever there's that moment of silence
Wilkow on the hubris of youth
All of us at some point can admit to ourselves that when when we were 18, 19, 20 years old. We didn't have the exact firmest grasp on everything... But do you hear the powerful condescension minus substance and understanding?

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