Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl 43 picks: Pundits Keith Olbermann and Rush Limbaugh

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Super Bowl XLIII: Tampa Bay 02/01/09
I can safely say noone is interested in much else today but Superbowl 43 - between the heavily favoured Pittsburgh Steelers and the surprising Arizona Cardinals, who are making their first appearance in the big game.

To get in on the action I've brought Superbowl predictions from two marquee APF pundits. Representing the left and the right, the two who arguably know the most about sports - Keith Olbermann and Rush Limbaugh.

In 2003, Rush Limbaugh had a short lived career as a weekly analyst for ESPN's 'Sunday NFL Countdown'. Keith Olbermann's major start in punditry was as co-host for ESPN's SportsCenter. He since moved on to pointed political opinion on his news show 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' but still has sporting duties as co host of NBC's Football Night in America

Rush Limbaugh's pick for Superbowl 43 - Steelers
Rush & The Hutch Talk Super Bowl
RUSH: Well, I'm going to tell you what I think, my brother.
RUSH: I think blowout 34-10 Steelers.

RUSH: And I'll tell you what. I think it's the job of the NFL and the writers to hype every Super Bowl game for audience to make sure that each team is portrayed as having a legitimate shot. We are talking... Ahem. You know, and I love Arizona, don't misunderstand. John McCain lives there, but I still love Arizona.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)
RUSH: We're talking about a team that has never been there. I don't see this seven, ten-point victory by the Arizona Cardinals over a legendary National Football League franchise.
Keith Olbermann's pick for Superbowl 43 - Steelers
Celebrity picks for the Super Bowl
KEITH OLBERMANN: The Steelers, fairly profoundly. Arizona has thus far beaten up an Atlanta team that was only just jelling as the regular season closed, and staved off a Philly team that was as dead as Jacob Marley's ghost the day McNabb was benched. Pittsburgh has been the real deal all year. Then again, I said the Falcons would crush them. And then I said the Eagles would crush them. Can I just re-submit my Giants pick from last year?

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